OpenSpot provides one of the world's most advanced parking management hardware and software solution that constantly tracks the real-time status of parking spots while providing automated and detailed historical analytics around parking efficiency, compliance monitoring, and dynamic pricing.

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  • Automatically tracks real-time availability of parking spots and makes the data available to parking operators as well as drivers searching for parking.

  • Automatically collects historical parking efficiency data on an aggregate and per-spot level.

  • Smart Dashboard for Parking Operators provides deep analytics and insights on their asset efficiency.

  • Significantly boosts efficiency for Compliance Officers, boosting revenues for parking operators.

  • Machine Learning algorithm allows for Dynamic Pricing of Parking, boosting revenues for parking operators.

  • Platform Agnostic system that can allow for real-time parking data to be broadcasted on any device, screen, or third-party app.

  • Data API provides for easy integration with existing paysystems, mobile payment systems, and parking enforcement systems.