All-in-one Parking Management System

  • Openspot System is a cloud-based parking management system that centralizes all your parking data (Payment Apps, PARCS, Violations, Sensors, etc.), and, in turn, processes this information into valuable, real-time reporting and events.


What we do: Our Platform aggregates, converts, and connects raw data points to actionable parking data and insights"


Who we Serve: Airports, Municipalities, Parking Operators, Universities, Hospitals, Shopping centers, Sports and Exhibition venues with custom-tailored solutions.


Key Benefits: Actionable data to guide parking decisions and measure impact.
Up to 30% increased revenues through better pricing decisions & targeted compliance monitoring
Environmental sustainability through platform agnostic availability sharing.

The Difference

Legacy Parking Systems

Our AI and IOT Based Solution

How It Works

Openspot is the leading cloud-based Business Intelligence platform for parking operators.

Access all your parking data on one centralized platform without worrying about integrations with parking equipment, payment solutions, and mobile apps.

Have a unified frontend and backend solution for all your parking locations

Share real time parking data toward any 3rd party applicaitons via Openspot API



Vehicle access to airports can turn into chaos if not properly managed. Openspot can offer a platform-agnostic system that caters to a variety of parking and drop off options. With Openspot, airport parking operations can:

  • Implement channel or variable pricing strategies
  • Have access to LIVE Bay Monitoring, and communicate information in real-time to drivers.
  • Allocate staff more efficiently to save on labor costs.
  • Digitize parking metrics for easy communication and integration with other tools, websites, and apps via the Openspot API.


Openspot is helping cities around the world transition to become Smart Cities by assisting with modernizing and automating their Parking Management needs. We use technology to in maximize revenues and lower management costs while improving the overall customer experience. Municipalities leverage Openspot to:

  • Create smarter parking policies that fit your city
  • Track and measure the impacts of policy decisions in real-time with data
  • Be transparent by publishing data-driven maps detailing parking fees and occupancy
  • Communicate Actionable Insights and Policy Impact to Key Stakeholders such as City Council or the general public.

Parking Operators:

With Openspot, all information about your parking locations and real-time data points for individual locations are available on one single platform. Easily understand KPIs such as Revenue, Occupancy, and Duration across all facilities, regardless of the hardware systems used by the facilities. Get a better understanding of what is working well in each facility, and what can be optimized further. Daily email digests put the KPIs right in your inbox and customized alerts let you go about your day without needing to constantly check as no alert means everything is going well. With Openspot, Parking Operators can benefit from:

  • Standardized reporting for all of your facilitates
  • Real-time alerts to monitor garage occupancies, validations and discounts
  • The elimination of redundant processes: physical car counting, and manual data consolidation
  • Increased overall efficiency and reduce costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Further revenue optimization using data via Dynamic Pricing

Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Sports and Exhibition Venues:

With Openspot, parking managers and owners can implement the yield management technology to reduce costs, maximize revenue and guarantee the availability of parking spots for drivers. Openspot enables parking managers and owners to easily:

  • Inform decisions around parking requirements for new developments
  • Inform drivers of the nearest available parking spot to their destination
  • Increase overall customer and parker satisfaction
  • Allocate inventory based on data instead of intuition
  • Increase NOI and maximize the use of your real estate

Our Team

Thamer Matar

CEO & Co-Founder

Basab Dey


Shafin Tejani


Praveen Varshney


Rick Baxter


Darrell Mussatto


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